Privacy Policy

1. Make sure that E-card belonging to Nature Herbs is only used for the entry purpose.
2. Once goods are chosen Menu will not be changed at all.
3. Cross lining is strictly prohibited, if found, will arrange to move if small, give up if very big or termination of both GBO Nos.
4. Cross lining does not apply to husband and wife but rest of the member of family will do.
5. Any citizen at the age of 16 or above has the right to be an independent customer by purchasing goods of Nature Herbs.
6. Only those goods can be bought which are available at Nature Herbs.
7. No customers have the right to use "Trademark" owned by Nature Herbs.
8. Be a customer of the company by purchasing goods at a cost of RM. 100/-.
9. Nominee is automatically transferred after submitting legal and needy documents.(in case of death)
10. The change of placement is strictly prohibited.
11. There will be seven working days in a week i.e. Sunday to Saturday.
12. A GBO No. you have will not be rescinded.
13. One week allowance is given to correct errors.
14. If any customer found of doing activities against the company rules, the company can terminate his/her GBO No.
15. If a customer refers to his associate by false commitments, the sponsor himself will be held responsible for it.
16. The company reserves the right to amend the NHCP, commission rate and rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.
17. If a customer found to be the founder of another network company, his/her GBO No. will be terminated and will be transferred to Nature Herbs Welfare Fund. The income of that GBO No. will be used for the social activities.